CIS School Protection Officer Training

All CIS SPOs must complete 24-hours of CIS SPO classroom training and 10-hours of Active Shooter Response training, in addition to state-mandated license training (64-hours) and standard CIS SSG and ATO training requirements. Training is administered by CIS’s sister company, the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute.

Following is an outline of the four-day, 34-hour CIS School Protection Officer course.

Day One

CIS School Protection Officer Program (.5 Hours)

     •  Definition
     •  Missions
     •  Review of Training & Cert requirements

Introduction to the Threat  (2.5 Hours)
     •  School Security Risk
     •  Adversaries
             •  Adversary Characteristics
     •  Threat Dynamics
             •  Timelines of Events
             •  Statistical Trends
     •  Case Studies

Principles of School Security   (.5 Hours)
     •  Protective Theory
     •  Countermeasures & Threats: Integrated Analysis

Laws & Liabilities   (2.5 Hours)
     •  Recap of FL statutes pursuant to security in schools
     •  Privacy of student records
     •  School Policies & Student Rights

CCBPI and School Security  (1.5 Hours)
     •  Adolescent Psychology
             •  Brain Development
             •  Defiance
             •  Dysfunctional Families
             •  Cultural Differences
             •  Special Education
     •  Youth Social Dynamics
             •  Peer Influences
             •  Informal leader & follower behavior
             •  Cliques, Gangs, etc.
     •  Communication Skills
     •  CCPBI and Schools
     •  General Threat Indicators
             •  Gang Affiliation
             •  Sexual Abuse
             •  Suicide


Day Two

Dynamics of Contemporary Drug Abuse    (1.5 Hours)

     •  Current Trends in Drug Abuse
     •  Drugs (Recognition, Effects, etc.)
     •  Drug Culture
     •  Drug Abuse Indicators
     •  Intervention

Threat Assessment   (3 Hours)
     •  Threat Assessment Principles
             •  Escalation Cycle
             •  Warning Behaviors
             •  Risk Factors
             •  Stabilizing Factors
             •  Precipitating Events
             •  Threat Management Strategy
             •  Successful Interventions
     •  CIS Student Threat Assessment & Management System (C-STAMS)
             •  C-STAMS Process
     •  Threat Assessment Interviews
     •  C-STAMS Threat Classification
             •  Threat Categories
     •  Documentation & Reports
     •  Threat Management

Physical Security   (2 Hours)
     •  Physical Security Theory
     •  Threat Detection (& Alert Communication)
     •  Barriers
             •  Cover vs Concealment
             •  Ballistic Barriers
             •  Anti-Intrusion Barriers
     •  School Security Postures
             •  Access Control
     •  General Intruder Response
     •  Lockdown/Armed Intruder Response
     •  Case Study Analysis

Day Three

Emergency Response  (3 Hours)

     •  Bomb Threats
     •  Fire Evacuations
     •  Hostage Barricade
     •  Weather Emergencies
     •  Medical Emergencies
     •  Missing Student Situations
     •  Reunification

Tactical First Aid Training (3 Hours)
     •  Patient Assessment
     •  ABC
     •  Treatment of Trauma Wounds
     •  Burns
     •  Tactical Medical Response


Day Four

Active Shooter Response (10 Hours)

     •  Case Studies
     •  Psychology of Active Shooters
     •  Rapid Deployment Principles
     •  Hallway Tactics
     •  Room Clearing Tactics
     •  Crowds
     •  Practical Exercises

All CIS SPOs must complete practical skill evaluations and the SPO written exam with an 80% or better score.

For more information about CIS School Protection Officer selection and certification requirements, click here.


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