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Terrorism Risk Assessment and Security Program Development Expert Analysis and Solutions for Managing Terrorism-Related Risk

The first step in preparing an organization for the threat of terrorism is accurate analysis of the risk situation. However, many companies lack the knowledge and tools to conduct complete and accurate assessments of terrorism related risk. With over a decade of anti-terrorism and force protection experience, CIS security consultants fill this void by providing expert guidance on critical issues such as threat assessment, blast and weapon effects analysis, security evaluation, and countermeasures identification.

CIS consultants can aid in evaluating and resolving specific issues of concern (physical security, operations security/OPSEC, vulnerability to chemical and biological attack, blast effects prediction, etc.). CIS consultants are also knowledgeable in the vulnerability assessment models currently endorsed by many industry organizations and ensure that all assessments comply with official industry requirements.

Our consultants use proven analysis and evaluation tools to provide accurate assessments of assets, threats, and vulnerabilities. We employ methods developed for use within the nuclear industry, diplomatic security, and military force protection communities, in addition to proprietary evaluation tools designed specifically for use at commercial facilities. Our assessments are also based on accurate and realistic design basis threats and threat scenarios–the product of decades of terrorism related research and analysis.

Anti-Terrorism Training Three decades of experience training professionals around the world for the specialized of mission of protecting against facilities terrorist attacks

CIS security consultants frequently provide on-site training in advanced security tactics and procedures. Previous customized training programs have focused on issues such as entry point screening, bomb threat response, operations security (OPSEC), mail screening, and post-incident response.

CIS professionals also teach a number of terrorism-related programs for vocational schools and professional organizations:

    • Anti-Terrorism Officer Program
    • Assessing Terrorism Related Risk
    • Bomb Incident Response
    • Chemical and Biological Terrorism for Security Professionals
    • Defense Against Hazardous Mailings

Since 1991, CIS consultants have trained thousands of security, law enforcement, and emergency response professionals in terrorism related issues. To see a list of who we’ve trained, click here.

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