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Preventing Targeted Violence in Schools | Free Webinar


On Tuesday, 26 July 2022, Critical Intervention Services and Workplace Violence Today magazine will host a free webinar focusing on proactive measures to reduce risks of armed violence in schools.

In this 90-minute program, school security consultant Craig Gundry explores the pathway to targeted violence in schools, risk management strategy, safe school climate and culture, threat assessment principles, and approaches to managing student behavior of concern.

This webinar will be presented using the Zoom video conferencing system.


Mass Homicide in Schools – The Risk in Perspective | Risk Management Strategy | Safe School Climate and Culture | Reconciling Security Measures and School Climate | Educating Parents | Psychology of Targeted Violence | Threat Assessment Methodology | Behavior of Concern and Threat Reporting | Threat Assessment Process | Key Assessment Factors | Threat Management Options | Rumor Control & Community Relations during Threat Situations | Q&A



About  The Presenter


Craig S. Gundry, PSP, cATO, CPS

VP, Special Projects

Craig is the Vice President of Special Projects for Critical Intervention Services and a consultant with over 30-years of specialized experience designing security programs for protection against acts of mass homicide. He is the architect of the Guardian SafeSchool Program® and has assisted schools and districts around the nation in improving security and readiness for active shooter violence.

Craig is also an expert witness, news media commentator, TEDx presenter, columnist for Workplace Violence Today magazine, and assisted in the development of ASIS International’s new WVPI-2020/AA, Workplace Violence and Active Assailant - Prevention, Intervention, and Response Standard. As an instructor, Craig has trained over 5,000 protection professionals, school administrators, and faculty members in security topics.

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