The Guardian SafeWorkplace Program™

A comprehensive and integrated program for workplace violence prevention and mitigation in corporate environments.

CIS launched the Guardian SafeWorkplace Program™ in 2015 as a comprehensive and integrated strategy for protection against workplace violence.

The Guardian SafeWorkplace Program™ is a workplace violence prevention program that employs a holistic and multi-layered approach for controlling risks of violence by reducing both the Probability and Criticality of attack events. Some of the principal elements of the Guardian SafeWorkplace Program include:

Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Framework

CIS consultants work collaboratively with client decision-makers to improve and/or author new policies and procedures addressing issues such as pre-employment screening, employee behavior and threat reporting, weapon prohibitions, termination protocols, and management actions in response to behavior of concern. All policy and procedures created during this process are designed to comply with (or exceed) the guidelines defined by ANSI standard ASIS/SHRM WVP.1-2011 “Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention.”

Corporate Threat Assessment Program

CIS consultants work with client leadership to develop a new corporate threat assessment program, or improve the company’s existing program for compliance with best practices as defined by ANSI/ASIS/SHRM and the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals. Activities undertaken as part of this process may include drafting or amending policies and plans, training corporate threat assessment team members, and educating supervisors on recognition and reporting of threat behavior.

Performance-Based Physical Security and Egress Design

In the context of active assailant attacks, performance-based physical security design integrates Detection, Delay, and Response elements in a manner that mathematically reconciles the time required for an adversary to commence mass killing and the time required for detection and intervention by armed security or police. As part of the Guardian SafeWorkplace Program, our consultants aid clients in identifying critical security vulnerabilities and problematic egress conditions and designing a prioritized improvement strategy with conscious consideration to budget and other issues of practicality.

Emergency Planning and Employee Training

Upon commencement of the project, our consultants assess the status of current emergency plans, infrastructure, and staff preparations to identify critical issues of concern. After essential improvements have been identified and a plan for remedy is underway, CIS works with the client to author a new all-hazard Emergency Response Plan (or improvement of existing plans) integrating new/amended procedures and communications systems. After the new Emergency Response Plan is complete, CIS conducts a series of training sessions to educate employees and Emergency Team Members in critical aspects of the new plan.

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Program Implementation

Implementation of the Guardian SafeWorkplace Program™ typically proceeds in three phases:

In Phase One (Workplace Violence Prevention and Security  Assessment), CIS Guardian SafeWorkplace consultants focus on auditing the organization’s existing facilities, operations, workplace violence policies, HR & management procedures, physical security measures, security and emergency management plans, and program implementation. The objective of the audit is to assess the effectiveness of current workplace violence prevention and security programs, evaluate existing emergency preparations, and identify potential issues of concern.

During Phase Two (Improvement of Workplace Violence Prevention, Security, and Emergency Response Plans), Guardian SafeWorkplace consultants begin working in cooperation with designated staff to improve policies and procedures as necessary. Activities at this phase often include drafting new or improved policies and plans, structuring threat assessment and emergency management teams, designing improved systems for communications,  and preparing specifications to aid in facility security upgrades and infrastructure improvements.

Phase Three (Employee Training) commences after all essential policies and procedures are complete and approved. During this phase, Guardian SafeWorkplace consultants conduct live training classes to educate employees on critical protocols and additional training sessions to instruct threat assessment and emergency team members on more complex details of new plans and procedures.

Upon completion of the project, CIS consultants provide a document demonstrating itemized compliance with ANSI standard ASIS/SHRM WVP.1-2011 “Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention.”

Special Experience and Accolades

    • CIS consultants have assisted a diverse spectrum of organizations in assessing and improving readiness for active shooter events. Our clients include corporations, community organizations, financial institutions, hotels, government agencies, schools and universities, and religious institutions.
    • CIS consultants are committee members in the development of the new active assailant supplement for the revision of ANSI standard  “Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention” (ASIS/SHRM WVP.1-2011).
    • CIS subject matter experts have trained thousands of professionals at seminars and conferences worldwide in workplace violence and active shooter risk management topics.

Guardian SafeWorkplace Risk Management Strategy

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