Technical Security Services

Technical Security Services offers a response to emerging threats, Critical Intervention Services offers a selection of technical security and data forensic services designed to protect the integrity of your critical information management and communications systems.

Technical Security Services: When your organization is faced with complex risk management issues, the situation demands the knowledge of experts.

When it comes to Technical Security Services during the past few decades, advances in information technology and communications have given corporations an unprecedented ability to compete in the marketplace. However, the same technologies that have increased the effectiveness of businesses have also opened the door to new and sophisticated threats. According to recent studies, loss due to digital sabotage, theft of proprietary information, and illegitimate computer activity has risen to near epidemic levels. With adversaries ranging from disgruntled employees and unscrupulous competitors to hackers and virus authors, virtually every organization is subject to the risks of today’s technology-driven business world.

In response to these emerging threats, CIS offers a selection of technical security and data forensic services designed to protect the integrity of your critical information management and communications systems.

Technical Security Services: Digital Forensics & Data Recovery

Technical Security Services

In today’s paperless business world, destruction of evidence of impropriety and illicit computer activity can be as simple as pushing a delete key. Without the proper tools and expertise, retrieval of deleted data is often difficult if not impossible.

Critical Intervention Services digital forensic technicians can assist companies in recovering deleted data and assessing illegitimate computer use. This service provides a critical advantage to companies during internal investigations, hostile terminations, and assessment of businesses during mergers and acquisitions.

Our staff of expert technicians use state-of-the-art methods for retrieval of all data on storage devices, regardless of its deleted status. In many cases, our technicians can even recover data if storage devices have been physically damaged. Throughout the recovery process, our technicians use stringent protocols to ensure integrity in the duplication and handling of data devices and retrieval products to ensure that all collected evidence stands up to scrutiny by court of law.

Technical Security Services: IT Crisis Intervention & Auditing

In most technology-driven companies, few employees have as much influence over the continuity of operations as the information technology staff. IT department employees often hold the “keys to the city” with detailed knowledge of passwords, network vulnerabilities, and access to sensitive data.

In these types of environments, the hostile termination of a trusted IT employee can be exceptionally dangerous. If not handled properly, a disgruntled IT employee can cause significant loss by compromising the security of proprietary information and sabotaging network operations.

One solution to this problem is our IT Security & Response Team (IT/SRT). On short notice, our IT security experts can quickly evaluate your computer network and emplace immediate safeguards to prevent compromise. The SRT can then assess the network for indications of malevolent activity and establish monitoring controls to detect attempts at unauthorized intrusion and tampering. Once the situation is deescalated, the SRT can transition control of the system back to your trusted IT department or to a new IT manager. As an additional layer of protection, our IT security experts can also establish a long-term program to audit network activities for signs of impropriety by permanent IT employees.

Technical Security Services

Technical Security Services: Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Technical Security Services 4

Interception of communications by means of audio or video surveillance is one of the many methods used by hostile competitors and foreign governments to collect sensitive information from target entities.

As an aid in combatting this threat, CIS provides professional-quality technical surveillance countermeasures services. Our government-trained TSCM technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to detect the presence of surveillance devices and the compromise of communications systems. These services can be used to ensure the integrity of offices, conference rooms, and company telephone/data systems. Our personnel can also provide on-site pre-event sweeps and spectrum monitoring services during critical meetings to ensure that your sensitve discussions remain confidential.

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