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CIS Public Safety Solutions

A connected community is a protected community.SM

Why do communities need a public safety program?

Regardless of socio-economic factors, every community faces public safety concerns. They manifest in a variety of ways and can cast a web of damaging, harmful and even devastating effects on undeserving communities. At the center of any given community’s public safety considerations is quality of life.  The spectrum of issues includes a broad range of matters. From nuisance issues such as noise, littering, graffiti, loitering and unruly behavior to larger problems such as trespassing, unauthorized living, dangerous driving, public intoxication and domestic violence, to complex problems involving burglary, narcotics, gangs and violent criminal activity, every community has its unique set of public safety problems.

What is special about CIS’s Public Safety Program?

Traditional public safety organizations such as law enforcement, EMS and fire departments are reactive in nature and can only do so much.  CIS’ Public Safety Program is a coordinated effort between CIS and the community that is designed to proactively affect environmental change, enhance public safety and boost the internal vitality of the community. Our program is the first private sector-led public safety program of its kind in the nation. And it works.

CIS’ proven Public Safety Program is designed to meet the specific needs of any community. Our community assessments are focused on the specific community in need and the strategies we implement can scale up or down depending on the problems inherent in that community.  The end result, though, is always the same – a connected, more protected community.

Engaging our methodology, the Community and Character Based Protection Initiative (CCBPI), CIS Public Safety Officers build relationships with residents to establish trust, organization and connectedness within the community to deprive criminals of the fear and disorder they thrive upon.  The disorganized and disconnected environment leads to victimization, and victimization interferes with the strength of a community’s fiber, its networks and, ultimately, the social capital investment by its people so essential to its flourishing.

Public Safety Program Objectives

The Public Safety Program objectives include strategies that work to:

  • Identify problems and find resolutions to barriers interfering with the development of social capital.
  • Increase the effectiveness of public safety planning and coordination through improved formal and informal networks.
  • Deter off-site criminals from opportunistically targeting the community and its members.
  • Stabilize and reduce resident and business turnover to positively affect social capital.

Public Safety Program Services

Augmenting the Public Safety Program are CIS services that may include:

  • Manned sites
  • Foot patrol
  • Dedicated patrol
  • Shared patrol
  • CISTech camera systems including integrated video monitoring services offering VOIP
  • SmartWater CSI anti-theft and burglary prevention tool
  • SMS Alert System set-up to quickly impart important information to residents
  • Resident and tenant screening services via a reputable, professional provider
  • Crime trend tracking
  • Suspicious activity reporting accessible to law enforcement agencies
  • Community events
    Youth mentoring programs
  • Meet the Bus (CIS PSOs attend pick-up and drop-off sites of school children)

CIS Public Safety Officers travel within the community both on foot and in public safety vehicles and conduct CCBPI to get to know community members, get them connected and educate them about the program and the crime prevention tools we use.  More exactly, CCBPI works to identify and neutralize influences within the community that deteriorate its fiber (its connectedness) and social capital (its investment in itself).  CCBPI strategies target visible criminal activity, nuisance problems and quality of life issues and clear the way for active development and reinforcement of community cohesion.  Over time, the community as a whole will benefit because, as CIS’ Public Safety Program has proven, a connected community is a protected community.

For more information regarding CIS public safety solutions, please contact:

Jeff Ezell
Vice President of Operations




The training you are providing to the security personnel at Critical Intervention Services (CIS), military personnel and law enforcement professionals is unmatched by civilian readiness training for the war on terror.
– U.S. Special Operations Command

School Protection

...The quality of the SPOs' work in the Guardian Program at Shorecrest has made our school the envy of any administrator that has come to observe the program...I give my highest recommendation to the Guardian SafeSchool Program.
– Shorecrest Preparatory School

Community Solutions

CIS officers not only come in and assist us, but they're committed to the community. I never encounted that before.
– Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

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