Crime Prevention and Liability Management for Residential Properties

Our security consulting firm has assisted thousands of residential properties in resolving complex problems of crime and social disorder. Let us help you in creating a safer community and manage your liability. 

Crime Prevention and Liability Management for Residential Properties

Over the past 26 years, CIS has earned national accolades for our success in reducing crime and social disorder in residential communities.

To achieve sustainable crime reduction, CIS employs a multi-layered strategy that focuses on eliminating physical disorders and addressing the underlying social factors contributing to the cycle of crime. The success of our methods in reducing crime and increasing community quality of life has been extensively documented by police, news media, and academic institutions and is the central theme of two criminal justice textbooks.

For property managers and owners, the benefits of our services are typically several-fold:

    1. Decreased crime and victimization
    2. Increased resident retention and morale
    3. Increased property value
    4. Reduced property repair costs (due to reduction in vandalism and disorderly behavior)
    5. Reduced lawsuits and improved defensibility against litigation

CIS provides a range of consulting services to assist property management companies according to their need.

Risk Assessment and Crime Prevention Consulting for Residential Properties

The first step in designing an effective crime reduction strategy is identifying the various social and physical disorders contributing to crime on-property and in the surrounding area. As part of this process, CIS consultants assess the level of crime and social conditions affecting the property of concern, evaluate the effectiveness of current security and crime prevention measures, and identify potential issues of concern.

Prior to conducting the on-site assessment, CIS analyzes crime statistics, incident reports, and criminal intelligence products to identify unique conditions warranting special consideration during the on-site assessment.

During the on-site visit, CIS consultants meet with the property manager to identify important elements of the community’s characteristics, resident behavior, rental conditions, management practices, and previous incidents. The manager interview is followed by a physical survey of the property to identify specific conditions contributing to crime or social disorder, followed subsequently by a nighttime assessment to discreetly observe after hours conditions and community behaviors.

Upon completion of the assessment, CIS consultants provide a report of findings and proposed strategy for resolving issues of concern, prepared and delivered in a manner to avoid creating unnecessary liability.

Corporate-Level Environmental Risk Management Programs

For property management companies seeking an enterprise-wide solution for decreasing lawsuits and improving security conditions, CIS can assist by developing a sustainable, corporate-level environmental risk management program.

Upon commencement of the project, CIS consultants collaborate with decision-makers to design a custom Risk Assessment Methodology (RAM) for use in characterizing the risk of criminal activity and safety at client properties, identifying conditions of concern, and prioritizing risks for purposes of compliance and practical remedy. Some of the activities entailed in this process include developing a custom risk assessment model and system of supporting documentation.

To implement the program, CIS assists in recruiting and training an environmental risk analyst for purposes of conducting property assessments, assisting managers in complying with recommendations, and auditing compliance. Alternatively, CIS can assign a consultant to manage and implement the program on a full-time and on-going basis.

New Property Design and Crime Prevention Consulting

One of the most common mistakes made in the design and construction of new residential properties is failing to fully account for security and environmental influence on future crime and social conditions. Establishing proper design criteria and specifications in the earliest phases of architectural planning maximizes return on investment and provides best opportunity to avoid mistakes that are often expensive and difficult to correct later.

When engaged as consultants in the early phases of new site planning, CIS consultants assist developers and architects using the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and 26-years of practical experience to proactively reduce crime while simultaneously creating an environment that promotes community activity and positive branding.

Experience and Accolades

    • In the early 1990’s, CIS pioneered a unique methodology for protecting residential communities. CIS has successfully utilized its methodology in over 1,000 Florida communities representing all demographics.
    • In 2014, CIS was awarded a contract by MetroWest in Orlando to create the first Private Sector-Led Public Safety Program in the US based on the CIS Prevention Agency model in a community of over 45,000 residents and businesses. Due to substantial reductions in crime and improved quality of life reported at MetroWest resulting from the program, several Florida sheriff’s offices are currently assessing the feasibility of implementing the methodology in their jurisdictions.
    • CIS is recognized for developing the first comprehensive and sustainable environmental risk assessment methodology (RAM) for use by residential property management companies.
    • CIS residential security consultants possess certifications in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Many of our staff also possess Physical Security Professional (PSP®) and Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) board certifications through ASIS International.
    • CIS consultants include court-qualified expert witnesses in physical security and premise liability.
    • The success of our work in residential communities has been documented in books such as To Serve and Protect by Bruce L. Benson and other research organizations. CIS professionals have also authored academic books on the subject of community protection including Private Security and Public Safety: A Community-Based Approach and The Prevention Agency: A Public Safety Model for High Crime Communities in the 21st Century.
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