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Florida Statute 768.0706: A Guide to Compliance for Multifamily Properties - Part 5

Florida Statute 768.0706(2)(c): Crime Deterrence and Safety Training for Employees

While necessary property improvements are underway, a plan should be designed to ensure employees receive necessary training as dictated by Florida Statute 768.0706(2)(c):

(1) By January 1, 2025, the owner or principal operator of a multifamily residential property provides proper crime deterrence and safety training to its current employees. After January 1, 2025, the owner or principal operator must provide such training to an employee within 60 days after his or her hire date for purposes of this paragraph.

(2) For purposes of this paragraph, “proper crime deterrence and safety training” means training which trains and familiarizes employees with the security principles, devices, measures, and standards set forth under paragraph (a), and which is reviewed at least every 3 years and updated as necessary. The owner or principal operator may request a law enforcement agency or the Florida Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Practitioner performing the assessment under paragraph (b) to review the training curriculum.

(3) For purposes of establishing the presumption against liability under subsection (2), the burden of proof is on the owner or principal operator to demonstrate that the owner or principal operator has substantially implemented the security measures specified in subsection (2).

(4) The Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute of the Department of Legal Affairs shall develop a proposed curriculum or best practices for owners or principal operators to implement such training. The state has no liability in connection with providing a proposed training curriculum under this subsection.

Training approaches for compliance with Florida Statute 768.0706(2)(c)

For purposes of compliance with Florida Statute 768.0706(2)(c), we recommend using an online, on-demand training platform such as which is currently under development as of May 2024. was designed specifically with Florida Statute 768.0706(c)(1) in mind:

If a property owner/ management company chooses a different approach to fulfilling the training requirements of Florida Statute 768.0706(2)(c), the key issues to ensure include:

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